Jerk Beef Stew

Thick tomato soup with beef is an amazing, filling way to end your day with very little time spent in the kitchen!

Spicy Cabbage Slaw With Ground Beef

This super simple one dish meal adds a spicy kick to any weeknight meal and makes great leftovers. To make it even easier, make the sauce ahead of time and keep in your fridge until you need it.

Tangy Citrus Chicken

This zippy chicken recipe is great in the pan or as a marinade for grilled chicken or pork.

Oriental Pork and Cabbage

If you love Asian food, this is a quick and easy way to make it at home with far fewer calories. No rice needed!

Sesame Crock Pot Chicken

This dish is a break from the ordinary crock pot chicken! Serve over chopped, roasted broccoli and top with sesame seeds for a sensational dinner.