Weekly articles walk you step-by-step through the process of weight loss. Each article contains one step to focus on that week. Each step builds on the previous weeks. The article below is a sample from 14 weeks into the program:

Change Your Carb Choices

Bread with Caution Tape


Eating the right amount and type of carbs is key. The “low carb” movement has gained notoriety not because carbohydrates are harmful but because excess can cause weight gain …


Interval training is key to maximum calorie burn. Try this fun, intense kickboxing video today for great results in 15 minutes.

Raspberry Dijon Green Beans

Ginger Garlic Greenbeans


The subtle sweet taste of the raspberry vinegar comes through in this great variation on green beans.

Weekly Q&A



I don’t have time to eat a good breakfast in the morning what can I do?