Heart In Motion is DIFFERENT than any other weight loss program. Most programs give you a list of rules, restrictions, and complicated phases. Heart In Motion breaks weight loss down into SIMPLE, ACHIEVABLE weekly steps. Each week, you receive ONE step to focus on, each step building on the one before to create an amazing plan for weight loss that is not COMPLICATED, CONFUSING, or HARD TO FOLLOW.

We also provide you with workout videos to fit ANY fitness level, allowing you to choose what works best for your ability and time. These workouts are PORTABLE so you can access them ANY TIME, ANYWHERE.

Heart In Motion also offers a great Q&A feature that members are raving about! This interactive feature allows members to submit questions and receive fully researched answers which are sent to our weight loss community, allowing everyone to learn together.

We also have MEAL PLANS, fresh recipes, and a special eating-out guide to give you have all the tools to get the results you want!

Diet, exercise, stress, relationships — all of our life patterns — impact our health and wellness. So it is important to address all of these factors to achieve lasting lifestyle changes, and that’s the difference of Heart In Motion. We offer you the skills necessary to CHANGE YOUR LIFE, LOSE WEIGHT, AND KEEP IT OFF!
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Katherine Huffman

Katherine053Katherine Huffman is the owner of Heart In Motion, a unique weight loss coaching company that focuses on the nutritional, behavioral, and lifestyle components of weight loss.
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