Frustrated by diets, stalled weight loss, deprivation, and roller coaster weight changes? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have someone walk you step-by-step through the process of weight loss?

Heart In Motion Wellness Coaching is a comprehensive, step-by-step walk through weight loss that helps create amazing weight loss successes for its members. Unlike any other weight loss program, we break down weight loss into simple steps that take all of the mystery and frustration out of weight loss.

We also work with our clients to manage and often eliminate conditions like migraine headaches, type 2 diabetes, and auto immune conditions through nutrition and lifestyle adaptations.
Our Wellness Coaching Package includes:

  • Initial phone consultation (30 minutes)
  • Day-by-day food log management, coaching, and accountability (30 day program).
  • 30 day wellness coaching also includes a 2 month membership to
  • If you choose, we will provide periodic reports back to your physician or medical provider.

During the initial consultation, we assess your lifestyle patterns, food cravings, past dieting experiences, and relationship with food to help develop a plan that will work specifically for you.

Once we have created a strategic plan, we then begin the wellness coaching process during which you submit food logs and receive daily feedback and coaching to help you navigate the weight loss process successfully. Our goal is to help you not only lose weight in the short term, but maintain that weight loss long-term. No matter how busy your lifestyle, weight loss CAN work for you. Finding strategies that work for your unique situation is integral to the success of Heart In Motion clients.

$190 (Includes consultation, 30 day food log management and coaching, and 60 day subscription to

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Wellness coaching prescribed by your physician is covered under most health savings accounts.