I love the philosophy – Making one simple change at a time, I’m losing 1.5 lbs every week.


I love being able to immediately pull up exactly what I need when I need it. Heart In Motion helps keep me on track.


Stephanie made simple changes and lost 80 lbs. This program works even for the busiest of people.

Stephanie A.

Before Heart In Motion I was beating myself up at the gym and I couldn't lose weight. I learned that simple changes can make a huge difference and I lost 40 lbs!

So you want to change

The 40 Days of Change posts are designed to give you a boost during the 40 days of change at the The Life Church. Taking simple steps can really make a big difference. Take some time to look, and e-mail or Facebook me with any questions. Here’s to a better You!


Years of yo-yo dieting wrecked my metabolism. Learning how to eat strategically built it back and I have lost 40 lbs. Thanks Heart In Motion!

Stretching Routine

This stretching routine remains here for those times when you really want a good long stretch.