In our last article, we discussed smart supplementation and how to choose the best supplements and brands for basic health. Today, we are going to discuss how to supplement properly as we age. If you haven’t read it yet, please reference last week’s article as it covers the basic supplements that are a good idea for a person of any age to be taking. The supplements listed below are in addition.

As we age, our bodies change. We all know that. While the fountain of youth has not yet been found, there are several supplements that can combat the decline in certain systems of our bodies as we age.

  • Co Q-10 – One of the essential anti-aging vitamins, co q-10 is important for improving oxidative stress of LDL cholesterol, assists in circulatory health, and supports optimal functioning of the heart. IF YOU ARE TAKING A STATIN … co q-10 is a critical element as statins decrease your body’s levels of this antioxidant.
  • Calcium/D – This goes without saying. A calcium/D combo should be a daily part of any supplement regimen. Just be careful of your brand. Many supplements are full of fillers that can actually be harmful, so choose a brand that you trust (brand list in last posted article). This is a wonderful brand for calcium/D as well as contains additional magnesium which is great for mood, sleep, heart health, and soothes the aches and pains of sore muscles.
  • Collagen (bone broth) – This supplement deserves its own article (coming soon), but it was one that we had to include in supplements for aging. Taken as a supplement, collagen dissolves with no taste into any hot beverage. Collagen is a natural substance that makes up our hair, skin, nails, joints, connective tissue, and the lining of the gut. Collagen production decreases as we age and is extremely beneficial in slowing both the outward signs and many of the aches and pains associated with aging.
  • Glucosamine/Chondroitin – This combo supplement is one that is commonly taken by the aging population, and despite mixed reviews by study findings, I have seen tremendous benefit in my clients who take it. This is one of those supplements to try and see how it works for you. Glucosamine has a great deal of benefits including assisting in bone healing, which can be especially beneficial for those with low bone density. It also helps to slow the deterioration of joints when taken over time as well as helps in the healing of the digestive tract (which breaks down as we age).
  • Digestive Enzymes – As we age, our production of digestive enzymes decreases, leading to everything from IBS symptoms to gas, bloating, and acid reflux. Acid reflux is particularly misunderstood as it is typically caused by TOO LITTLE stomach acid rather than too much, leading physicians to medicate incorrectly with medications that have unnecessary side effects. A simple solution is to take digestive enzymes with our meals as we age. This is not an excuse to make poor food choices and then supplement, but taking one can be greatly beneficial for preventing digestive challenges. There are many brands on the market, but one of my favorites is Terra Zyme by Doterra which you should purchase from a Doterra representative, but if you cannot, they are available on Amazon.
  • Saw Palmetto (for men) – It has been estimated that 90% of men will experience some type of prostate problems by the age of 80. The sole function of the prostate gland is to secrete fluid containing substances needed for reproduction. This process requires a high concentration of androgen hormones in the prostatic tissues. Enlargement of the prostate seems to be related to the prostate’s long-term exposure to the strong androgen dihydrotestosterone (DHT), as well as estrogens. An enzyme called 5 alpha-reductase is needed to convert testosterone to DHT. It has been shown that saw palmetto is effective at inhibiting 5 alpha reductase activity. Taking saw palmetto can help to prevent prostate issues which can turn into prostate cancer. This is a GREAT ARTICLE on a very specific type of saw palmetto. Not all supplements are created equal, and saw palmetto oil has been shown to have the greatest benefit. SAW PALMETTO

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  • Pay attention to your body's signals. Supplements are not the answer to everything, but they can certainly be beneficial in looking and feeling our best as we age. Take a look through the list above and check it against how your body is feeling. Look through the brands, and always search for the cheapest prices : ). Amazon is great, and is another great resource for good prices. Look in the coming weeks for articles on the benefits of collagen and what are the best ways to get it and food sources for the vitamin/supplements we discussed above. Be well!