No matter what time of year you are receiving this article, the information it contains can benefit you, your friends, and family.  No matter what time of year, prevention and early immune boosting are key to keeping you well throughout the year.  To begin, about 70% of our immune system function is controlled by our gut.  Proper gut bacteria balance is key to keeping the immune system functioning at peak performance.  Some of our recommendations are to be kept up throughout the year to keep gut balance healthy and prevent sickness from ever starting.

  • Take a probiotic.  This is one we will always recommend for not only sickness prevention but for proper digestion/elimination, mental health (90% of your seratonin is produced in your gut), healthy cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, allergies, and weight loss.  The healthier your gut bacteria, the more able your body is to fight outside bacteria and viruses.
  • Drink bone broth….yes the kind you make.  Bone broth is one of the most simple, nourishing foods to make and consume. It contains the amino acids choline and glycine as well as naturally occurring collagen needed to rebuild the cell walls. Just one cup per day is enough to benefit gut health.  If you don’t have enough time to make bone broth for every day use, make a batch and store it in your freezer.  At the first sign of illness in your family, thaw it and start drinking 1 cup per day until you are well or the sickness is out of your home.
  • Take Vitamin C – Vitamin c helps in the production of white blood cells that help our bodies to fight infection.  Vitamin c also helps white blood cells to fight more efficiently by protecting the against free radical damage.  Vitamin c has a myriad of other benefits including heart health, optimal blood pressure levels, and prevention of chronic diseases, but the most well known is immune boosting.  The vitamin c linked in this article is a two stage potent supplement that can be a wonderful addition to your daily wellness routine.  Yes, orange juice is fortified with vitamin c, but taking a supplement is better as it is a mega dose of the vitamin without the sugar.
  • On Guard – This oil is one of my favorites for both fighting and preventing sickness.  A little bit goes a long way with this oil, and it is great to use year round to keep yourself and your family well.
    • Diffuse it.  Put a few drops in your diffuser to breathe while you sleep or in the living areas of your house.  Use this daily.
    • Put it on your feet. Mix 15 drops of on guard with fractionated coconut oil in a roller bottle and put on the bottoms of everyone’s feet in the morning.  This puts the oil directly into your bloodstream.
  •  On Guard Plus – This is a great ingestible oil blend that contains not only on guard, but a blend of immune boosting oils.  It is a powerful ally in your fight to keep your family well.  At the first sign on illness in your home, it is great to have everyone take one of these 3x per day until there is no sign of sickness.
  • Zinc – Zinc is necessary for proper maintenance of health in the body.  In addition to immune boosting, it helps with thyroid health, blood clotting, and wound healing, as well as many other functions of the body.  Generally, zinc is recommended at 15 mg or less per day.  Here is a great daily mulltivitamin that contains zinc and is a wonderful overall vitamin for daily health.

One extra step toward keeping your family healthy is cleaning with germ killing non toxic products.  Here are a couple of great ones that you can use to keep your home clean and your family healthy:

  • On Guard Cleaner – This cleaner is sold as a concentrate.  Just mix with water in a spray bottle and use to clean your kitchen, bathrooms, doorknobs, etc.  Because On Guard is a natural antimicrobial, and anti viral, it can kill pathogens on contact without toxic bleaches and tricolsan.
  • On Guard Foaming Hand Soap – This hand soap has all of the properties of the on guard oil and can keep your family’s hands clean and safely free from germs.
  • On Guard Sanitizing Mist – This is a great travel size to keep in your purse, car, or on your desk at work.  Sanitize hands without toxic chemicals.

As with most overall health, drinking plenty of water (1/2 of your body weight in ounces) is great for keeping your body hydrated to stay in your optimum sickness fighting mode.  Keeping yourself and your family healthy employs a few extra steps in your day, but they definitely beat a week of sickness!

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  • Read, employ, pass this on to your friends.  The fight against sickness is through prevention!