In working with clients, I find that most people don’t make a distinction between what is “normal” and what is just “common.”  Headaches, joint pain, gas, bloating, constipation, anxiety, depression, trouble sleeping….and the list goes on.  None of those things are normal.  They are just common.  Without going too radical, I want to encourage you to question anything outside of the way your body was created to function.  Genetics only go so far.  We all inherit genes from our parents, but whether or not those genes turn on is in large part up to us.  Because most of us don’t have a window into our full genetic layout, there are some basics that we all can do to prevent disease/malfunctions as well as reverse diseases once they have started.

  1. Don’t chalk anything up to genetics.
  2. Understand that most (not all, but most) diseases are reversible if you catch them early (including cancer and auto immune disorders)
  3. TAKE CARE OF YOUR GUT!  All disease starts in the gut.

In the coming weeks, we will be talking specifics about headaches, auto immune illnesses, mood challenges, sleep issues, and even cancer and what you can do about each one of them. I will be including resources for each for you to follow after reading each article.  I want you to know that YOU are in charge of your history, not your genetics.  Start today with the resolve to change your history.


  • Make a list of all malfunctions in your body that want to resolve.  Many of them are connected, so make sure you list them all (like gut health is related to headaches and mood).  Beside each illness, write down how long you have been suffering with it.  Because malfunctions in the body are often connected, you can start to see a progression of how one malfunction lead to another.
  • Start with your gut.  Before we can address any of the secondary illnesses, you must have a foundation of gut health.  Reversal of health issues requires that our gut microbiome be strong first before correcting any imbalances.  THIS BOOK is one of the best out there for getting started with healing your gut.  Buy this book.  Read it.  Follow it.  It will provide you with the foundation of what comes next.

Heart with Leaf


    1. Make the list above so that you can start addressing/reversing what is going on in your body.
    2. Buy the book above and get started addressing your gut health.
    3. Ask questions!  If what you are suffering with is not listed above, send me an email at and I will add it to the list of topics!