We are starting a series on immune system function which will include some education on auto immune disorders, nutrition, supplementation, and gut health. To begin, we are going to start with a basic overview of the the supplements that are most effective for boosting immune system function whether or not your struggle with auto immune issues. Because our immune system is so critical to preventing auto immune disorders, overall sickness, and cancer, it is important to keep this delicate balance as healthy as possible.

  1. Turmeric – Often referred to as curcumin (which is actually the main ingredient in turmeric), this powerful anti inflammatory compound is integral in the functioning of the immune system. Turmeric increases the immunomodulating capacity of the body which makes it powerful in assisting the immune system in functioning optimally. Here is the absolute best turmeric supplement I have ever found. This turmeric is also AMAZING for joint pain!
  2. Resveratrol – Resveratrol helps to combat oxidative stress in the body, scavenging free radicals, decreasing inflammation and promoting healthy aging both inside and outside of the body. Because lowering inflammation is critical to proper immune function, here is a link to my favorite Reseratrol.Yes, this is a bit expensive, but if you could even put it into your regimen every other day to every third day, it can be beneficial.
  3. Glutathione – Glutathione is a powerful detoxifier, helping the body to eliminate heavy metals like mercury, cadmium, and aluminum which we harbor in our bodies through the plastics that we encounter and the body care products we put on our skin. Those can build up over time in our bodies and create all kinds of immune system dysfunction. Here is a great Glutathione
  4. Vitamin C – Components of the immune system like phagocytes and t-cells require vitamin c to function properly. Taking a vitamin c supplement can greatly help with the basic function of the immune system. This is an amazing vitamin c to add to your regimen.

Get ready for some serious education to come about the immune system!! If you are suffering from recurrent sickness or auto immune disorders, adding these supplements to your regimen is a great first step toward boosting your immune system for better health.

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  • Look at your current supplement regimen as related to your immune system function. If the supplements are too much for your budget, consider starting with vitamin c.