Katherine Huffman is the owner of Heart In Motion, a unique wellness coaching company that focuses on the nutritional, behavioral, and lifestyle components of weight loss and disease management. She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Meredith College and a master’s degree in counseling from Regent University as well as a certificate of sports and lifestyle nutrition. She has worked simultaneously in fitness and wellness coaching for the past 15 years and has owned Heart In Motion since 2005.
Katherine is also an AFAA certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor with professional training in Pilates, yoga-fit, TRX, Balletone, resistance and stability ball training, mid-life fitness for women, and the mechanics of injury prevention.

It is Katherine’s true passion to help clients identify roadblocks that hinder them from achieving a maintainable healthy lifestyle. Through in-person consultations, seminars, online wellness coaching, and HeartInMotion.com, Katherine helps clients to bridge the gap from dieting to lifestyle change. She helps them to integrate exercise with lifestyle adaptations to create an effective program for weight loss that can be maintained for life.

Katherine has an online coaching program as well as conducts in person sessions to help clients develop lifestyle modifications to manage medical conditions. She works with migraine sufferers to identify and eliminate triggers while simultaneously healing the gut to prevent future episodes. Migraines, diabetes, and auto immune conditions are just a few of the chronic conditions that Katherine works with clients to manage and often eliminate symptoms. Katherine has found that making simple, sustainable changes can have a dramatic and lasting impact on one’s health conditions.

Katherine is a dynamic speaker who regularly travels for seminars to community organizations, schools, churches, and businesses.