Q:I have been on the Heart In Motion program for a while and have noticed that I am much smaller in size than last time I was this weight. Is there something about how I am eating that is causing this? Can you explain?


The answer is fat loss v/s weight loss. When you lose weight based on calorie deprivation only (counting points, calories, etc.) your body loses weight ONLY because it is burning more than it is taking in. Short term, this seems like a good idea as your body is shrinking and pounds are coming off. BUT…..losing weight this way does not starve the fat cells and feed the muscles properly, so you actually lose more muscle than fat (although you obviously still lose fat). Because fat is denser (smaller) than fat, you do not lose as many inches as when you learn to feed the muscles and starve the fat cells by low glycemic eating.

The eating plan created by Heart In Motion is one that keeps blood sugar levels moderate and stable and does not allow blood sugar spikes which cause fat storage. At the same time, we recommend eating small portions of protein throughout the day to keep the body at work constantly feeding muscle. When you put your body in this state, it will naturally lose more fat and maintain more muscle which makes your body much smaller, even at the same weight as you might have been at a time in the past.

To recap, calorie deprivation only leads to muscle loss and a little bit of fat loss. Eating low glycemic meals and moderate protein throughout the day feeds muscle and starves fat cells, leading to a leaner physique.

Remember the following concepts when trying to lose WEIGHT as well as FAT:

  • Eat more calories in the morning than in the evening
  • Keep processed, high glycemic carbohydrates to a minimum
  • Have protein with every meal and snack.
  • Cut calories carefully by filling in with lots of low glycemic vegetables so the metabolism does not slow.

These principles can make a tremendous difference in the speed and ease of your weight loss. Remember them when you plan your eating for today!