Q:Can you give me a sample of what a good workout week looks like?


Based on the current exercise recommendations, here is a sample workout week that include all of the components.  This does not even involve a trip to the gym.


  • 30 minute interval walk (walk as fast as you can for 1 minute, moderate pace 1 minute, repeat).  You can do any type of interval training.
  • Stretch


  • 15 minute strength training video from Heart In Motion
  • Stretch
  • 15 minute balance exercises (standing on one foot, hopping on one foot, walking a straight line on your toes)


  • 15 minutes of “stairs” at work.  Walk up and down the stairs on your lunch break.  If you are physically able, take the stairs two at a time every other time you go up.
  • 15 minutes of bodyweight exercises after work (alternate 1 minute of planks, 2 minutes abdominal exercises, 10 pushups, repeat)


  • TAKE A BREAK  or a leisurely walk at work


  • 30 minutes of strength training either with a video or from your own memory.  Remember that a strength exercise should push you to the point of “burn” in order to make a change in your muscles.
  • Stretch


  • 30 minutes of cardio intervals (video, alternate run/walk, walk 1 minute/jumping jacks one minute).  It doesn’t matter what you do, just that you get your heart rate up and bring it back down.
  • Stretch


  • Rest or take a walk

This is just a sample.  You can use this as a template for your own personal routine. If walking is not enough for you, then jog or run. Strength training is really the key to metabolism and long-term bone health, so make sure to really push yourself to make sure this is as intense as you can handle.  Stretching is also key to longevity and health of the muscles.  Make sure to stretch every time you exercise, even if the stretches are brief.