Are snacks really important for weight loss? Find out if snacks are right for you!

Q:Subscriber Question: Some days I forget to eat my two snacks a day. When I think back as to 'why', it's usually because I am just not hungry. I use Lose It, so I know I am getting the correct number of calories per day. Do you suggest I really focus on getting those snacks in even if I am not hungry for them?


When you first start on a weight loss program and need to restart the metabolism, it is important to eat often. This signals to the body that you will give it enough fuel to function and keeps blood sugar levels stable.

Once you lose the weight and the metabolism starts to function like it should, your hunger will also begin to regulate itself. The phenomenon that is happening to you is exactly what we want to see. That is your body regulating itself and letting you know when it needs food. So, the answer to your question is no, you do not have to be as structured about your snacks once you are maintaining your weight easily and getting in your appropriate calories in a day.

For those who are early in a weight loss program, it is important to get the snacks in for the above reasons. So congratulations on your success in resetting your metabolism! It is such a challenge and requires such patience!

For those of you who are on the track to weight loss, stay the course but remember that as the metabolism regulates itself, you may find that you do not need all of your snacks. Just be careful not to fall into the trap of going long periods without food, then overeating.

Our goal at Heart In Motion is not just short term results, but long term strategies. Using nutritional and behavioral strategies to RESET THE METABOLISM are KEY to making weight maintenance easier once you have lost the weight.