Heart In Motion is based on a progressive, step-by-step walk through weight loss. Sometimes, it is nice to have a short guide to put some of the basic concepts together, so this article provides you with some of the basics.

Each of these concepts is broken down in the “steps” process of this program, and I go into greater detail in those articles. This gives you an idea of where we are “going.” PLEASE do not try to do all of these things at once. That is why diets fail and lifestyle changes work. Use this as a reference, and continue to follow the steps each week as you get them.

This is a video from a Heart In Motion seminar and explains a lot of the “why” of this program.

CLICK HERE for a copy of the handout from the seminar. It has a lot of great information for you to print and keep handy.

Basic Weight Loss Outline:

  1. Have a fruit or vegetable EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU EAT. This is a non-negotiable weight loss step. We always want to have more vegetables than fruit. When you are trying to lose weight, a good rule is no more than 2 fruits per day. The rest should be vegetables. You should get an absolute BARE MINIMUM of 5 servings total per day, but we are eventually shooting for 6-11.
  2. Have a small serving of protein EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU EAT. Protein keeps blood sugar levels stable and fuels muscle, not fat. Almond butter and peanut butter in small quantities are good sources of protein, but they should be used SPARINGLY and not more than once per day. They are not high enough in protein to use as a primary source and are high in fat and calories.
  3. Keep the glycemic index of your meals low. No matter how many calories you are eating, your body CANNOT BURN SIGNIFICANT FAT IN THE PRESENCE OF INSULIN. Keeping starch servings to 1/2 cup or less at lunch and dinner is the best way to achieve this. HERE IS A LINK to the glycemic index if you want to look up any of your favorite foods.
  4. Always front load your day. Your metabolism is highest and the most insulin sensitive in the MORNING. You should aim for 2/3 of your calories by the end of lunch. This also helps to ward off the afternoon “munchies” that tend to creep in around 3:00. You still want to have a significant snack in the afternoon. It just needs to be WHOLE FOOD (fruits, veggies, lean protein) and not from a box or bag.
  5. Stay away from processed foods as often as you can. Processed foods are taxing on the liver and are almost ALWAYS high glycemic. Eating processed foods (yes, even organic foods) is one of the fastest ways to push yourself into a weight loss plateau.
  6. Avoid high glycemic foods after 2:00. The body is most sensitive to burning carbohydrates for energy early in the day, so keep any high glycemic carbohydrates to breakfast and lunch. Eating these foods later in the day will just cause slowed weight loss and fat storage.
  7. Do not fall into the “calorie counting/point counting trap.” Only looking at calories without using the principles listed above will cause you to feed fat and starve muscle. This leads to weight loss (due to caloric deficit), BUT NOT SIGNIFICANT FAT LOSS. This causes a drop in the metabolism so as soon as you stop “counting,” you gain all of the weight back, and often more. Protein, food combining, and meal timing are far more significant to putting your body into a fat burning/muscle fueling state. Calories do matter, but not as much as many programs might have you believe.

I hope you all enjoyed this overview. Remember to post this for reference, and log onto HeartInMotion.com to start your personal walk through weight loss! This article is an example of the GREAT teaching you receive EVERY WEEK as part of the program. As always, let me know if you have any questions!