I will be the first to endorse clean eating as a great health strategy. It is a great philosophy for better health and often for weight loss. Purging the body of chemicals is a great way to detox the liver and allow the body to start getting rid of unwanted body fat…..but here’s the danger: Eating fresh fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and proteins is the real way to eat clean. The danger lies in all of the “paleo muffins” and “clean” desserts that are all over the internet. Now, for an occasional treat, these things can be better for you than the processed varieties, but be careful. They are often way higher in fat and calories than the ones they are meant to replace. (cleaner calories and healthier fats, yes…but still calories and fats). So, if you are eating clean, KUDOS to you! Just make sure that you are not trying to take clean ingredients and re-create processed treats on a regular basis. As with all things, use caution, moderation, and reason when you make your choices.