Vegetables can taste SO GOOD if prepared correctly. If you learn to enjoy hot, filling, prepared vegetables, they can fill you up so you eat less of the other “filler foods.” Be aware that it is hard to fully enjoy vegetables when you are eating a great deal of processed foods. Your palate will tend to crave the processed variety. If you eat your veggies BEFORE you eat anything else, you will enjoy them more. Try this experiment: eat a bite of an apple before you have anything else in the morning. It will taste fresh and cold and wonderful. Then take a bite of a piece of bread followed by a bite of the same apple. IT WILL NOT TASTE THE SAME! Eating processed carbohydrates will completely change your experience of the “whole food.” Think about this when you make your choices at meals. VEGGIES FIRST! They will also help you to fill up so you eat less of the “other” things.