I love that I can count on the heart in motion website for an inspiring shot in the arm, great work outs and awesome recipes anywhere I am and anytime of day or night!


I refer to Heart In Motion’s recipes all the time for healthy variations. Who’d have ever though a chocolate smoothie with spinach would taste good. This is a great way to get a vegetable in me with a great taste!

Jo An

I LOVE the fact that I can go immediately to the website and find information I need to help me make the healthiest choices! It is easy and I NEED easy.


Heart in motion has helped me lose all of my baby weight! I use the recipes every week for our family meal planning, and I love that I can access the workout videos from anywhere.


I am a cancer surviver. I had extensive surgery that left me quite weak. I am so grateful for this website as it has given me the challenge to exercise at my own pace. It is also teaching me new ways to eat, foods to avoid, and new foods to add to my diet so as ...


Heart In Motion breaks down weight loss in such a simple, easy to understand way.  I am finally able to understand that weight loss doesn’t have to be complicated!


Heart In Motion has helped me lose weight in a way that’s not overwhelming. Focusing on small steps makes it easier to stay on track.


I have used many web programs to help me lose weight over the years, but none of them has given me results that last. Using Heart In Motion has allowed me to lose 60 pounds so far by making simple changes every week. This program has completely changed my relationship with weight and ...


No one would help or explain to me why I kept gaining weight, regardless of what I ate, until Heart in Motion. 20+ down and more to go. Heart in Motion is helping me make positive healthy changes in my life and I’m having fun doing it.


What I love most about Heart In Motion are the weekly Q & As. They really keep me motivated.